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Lesson #5: Boxer Rebellion

Did the Boxer Rebellion move China closer to or further away from independence?​

Sphere of Influence (Slides)

Case Study: Boxer Rebellion (Docs)

Unit 10.4: Imperialism

To sum up the whole, the British rule has been – morally, a great blessing; politically, peace and order on one hand … on the other, materially, impoverishment …The natives call the British system … “the knife of sugar.” That is to say there is no oppression, it is all smooth and sweet, but it is a knife, nevertheless.

Dadabhai Naoroji, an Indian, describes the effect of imperialism on India

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Lesson #7: Imperialism Inquiry

To what extent did people in the 19th and 20th centuries express different points of view about the impacts of imperialism?

Imperialism Document Evaluation (Docs)

Document Vocabulary List (Docs)

Developing Arguments - Comparison Writing (Docs)

Lesson #2: Britain vs. India 

How did the British gain, consolidate, and maintain power in India?

British Gain, Consolidate, & Maintain Power (Docs)

British Power in India (Slides)

Graphic Organizer (Docs)

Lesson #1: Imperialism

What were the motivations behind 19th century imperialism?

Causes of Imperialism (Slides)

Cause of Imperialism (Handout)

Lesson #3: Sepoy Mutiny

Did the Sepoy Rebellion move Indians closer to or further away from independence?​

Effects of Imperialism - India (Slides)

Sepoy Mutiny (Slides)

Sepoy Documents (Docs)

Sepoy Graphic Organizer (Docs)

Explore Geography

Lesson #4: Foreign Powers in China

How did imperial nations gain, consolidate, and maintain power in China?

China Documents (Docs)

China Graphic Organizer (Docs)

Foreign Powers in China (Slides)

Great Events: Opium Wars (Docs)

Berlin Conference

European leaders met to discuss plans for dividing Africa peacefully. These leaders had little regard for African independence, and had no representation for native Africans. 

Timeline Unit 10.4

Competing industrialized states sought to control and transport raw materials and create new markets across the world.


 The complete control of a weaker nation’s social, economic, and political life by a stronger nation.