Mr. Christopher Patten

We are not makers of history. We are made by history.


Something that gives proof of or a reason to believe something

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Lesson #4: Reliability   

How do historians determine if a source is reliable?

Reliability of Sources (Docs)

Reliability (Slides)

Lesson #1: What is History?

How do historians determine what happened in the past?

What is History (Docs)

Define History (Slides)

Lesson #3: Corroboration 

​How and why do historians corroborate their sources?

Corroboration of Sources (Docs)

Corroboration (Slides)​​

Lesson #2: Sources

What sources do historians use to learn about the past?

Primary vs. Secondary (Docs)

Sources (Slides)

Lessons & Resources

Lesson #6: Arguments

How do historians construct arguments?

Historical Arguments (Docs)

Arguments (Slides)

Unit 9.1: Historical Thinking

explore Geography

Lesson #5: Context

What is context? How do historians use it to understand and write about the past?

What is context? (Docs)

Context (Slides)


History is an account of the past constructed from evidence. This account of the past differs based on one’s perspective.


A person, place, or thing from which something comes; in history sources are usually documents written by people from the past but could also be objects from the past