Lesson #8: Maurya Empire

How did Ashoka gain, consolidate, and maintain power during the the Maurya Empire?

Gain & Maintain Power (Docs)

Maurya Empire (Slides)​​

Lesson #12: Han Dynasty

What led to the Han Golden Age? How did the Han Golden Age impact China, other regions, and later periods in history?

​Han Golden Age (Docs)​​

Han Brochure (Docs)

Golden Age China (Slides)

Lesson #9: Gupta Golden Age

What led to the Gupta Golden Age? How did the Gupta Golden Age impact India, other regions, and later periods in history?

Achievements & Innovations (Docs)

Golden Age (Slides)

Gupta Brochure (Docs)

explore Geography

Lesson #2: Interconnected

How interconnected were classical civilizations?

Interconnected of Civilizations (Docs)

Interconnected (Slides)

Lesson #5: Impact on Life

How does Hinduism impact the lives of Hindus?

​​Impact on lives of Hindus (Docs)

Impact Hindus (Slides)

Lesson #10: Classical China

Where is China? How did geography affect the development of classical civilizations in China?

Geography of China (Docs)

Classical China Geography (Slides)

Lesson 11: Emperor Shi Huangdi

Who was Emperor Shi Huangdi? Did Shi Huangdi improve China?

Emperor Shi Huangdi (Docs)

Improvement of China? (Slides)

Improve China Organizer (Docs)

Lesson #4: Beliefs of Hinduism 

What are the major beliefs and practices of Hinduism?

​Major beliefs of Hinduism (Docs)

Beliefs & Practices (Slides)

Lessons & Resources

“Setting in Motion the Wheel of the Law [Dharma]” from the Tripitaka

Lesson #3: India 

Where is India? How did geography affect the development of classical civilizations in India?

Geography Development India (Docs)

​Rise of Classical India (Docs) 

Classical India (Slides)


A set of ideas and practices that help explain the origins of life, what happens after people die, and how to live a good life (note: all religions are belief systems, but not all belief systems are religions)

Unit 9.3: Classical Civilizations - India & China

Lesson #6: Beliefs of Buddhism 

What are the major beliefs and practices of Buddhism?

Beliefs/Practices of Buddhism (Docs)

Beliefs & Practices (Slides)

It is this Noble Eightfold Path; that is, right belief, right aspiration, right speech, right conduct, right means of livelihood, right endeavor, right memory, right meditation. This, bhikkhus, is that middle way awakened to by the Tathagata, which gives rise to vision, which gives rise to knowledge, which leads to peace, to direct knowledge, to enlightenment, to Nibbāna.


The group of people that has power to make laws and important decisions for a community, state, or nation


A series of rulers from the same family or group

Lesson #7: Spread of Buddhism 

How did Buddhism spread?

The Spread of Buddhism (Docs)

​​Spread of Buddhism (Slides)

Lesson #12: Confucianism

What was the context for the founding of Confucianism? What are the major beliefs and practices of Confucianism?

Founding of Confucianism (Docs)

Beliefs & Practices (Slides)​​

Lesson #11: Belief Systems China

What are the similarities and differences between the belief systems during Classic China.

Belief Systems of China (Slides)

Belief Systems Chart (Docs)

Lesson #1: Classical Era

What is the Classical Era? When was the Classical Era? What makes a civilization "classical?”

A Civilization "Classical" (Docs)

​Classical Era (Slides)

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