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A person sent to promote a religion in a foreign place

Lesson #2: Suleiman the Magnificent

How did the Ottoman Empire, as led by Suleiman the Magnificent, gain, consolidate, and maintain power?

​Gain, Consolidate, & Maintain (Docs)

Suleiman the Magnificent (Slides)

Suleiman Graphic Organizer (Docs)

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The word for “ruler” in many Arab societies including the Ottoman Empire

Suleiman The Magnificent 

Lesson #1: Founding of EmpireWhat were the historical circumstances for the founding of the Ottoman Empire?

​Founding of Ottoman Empire (Docs)

Ottoman Empire (Slides)

Ottoman Timeline (Docs)

Lesson #4: Ming Dynasty 

What were the historical circumstances for the founding of the Ming Dynasty?

​The founding of Ming Dynasty (Docs)

​Ming Dynasty (Slides)

Unit 9.6: Ottoman and Ming Pre-1600

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Lesson #5: Gain, Consolidate, & Maintain Power

How did the Ming Dynasty gain, consolidate, and maintain power

​Gain, Consolidate, Maintain (Docs)

Power of the Ming Dynasty (Slides)

Lesson #3: Turkish Letters (1589) 

What do the Turkish Letters (1589) reveal about how outsiders viewed the Ottomans?

Outsiders views of the Ottomans (Docs)

​​The Turkish Letters (Slides)

Lesson #6: Zheng He 

Who was Zheng He? What impact did his travels have on China and other regions?

Zheng He's travels to China and other regions (Docs)

Travels of Zheng He (Slides)​

cultural diffusion

The exchange of culture (one’s language, ideas, technology, art, and traditions ) between different groups of people

I, the sultan of sultans, and the strongest ruler, the loftiest king who defeats the kingdoms around the world, and the shadow of Allah in the Earth, and I conquered with my fire-scattering sword..