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Lesson #11: Absolutism

What is absolutism? How did absolute monarchs gain, consolidate, and maintain power?

What is absolutism (Docs)

Absolutism (Slides)

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Lesson #13: Peter the Great

How did Peter the Great use absolutism to gain, consolidate, and maintain power in Russia?

Gain, Consolidate, & Maintain (Docs)

Peter the Great of Russia (Slides)

Lesson #5: Machiavelli

What does The Prince (1513) reveal about how Machiavelli believed power is gained, maintained, and consolidated?

The Prince - Primary Sources (Docs)

Machiavelli (Slides)​​


A person or organization that have power or are in control

Lesson #2: Italy

What were the geographic and historical circumstances that led to the start of the Renaissance in Italy?

​​Start of Renaissance in Italy (Docs)

Geography & History of Italy (Slides)

Lesson #4: Effects 

Why and how did the Renaissance spread outside of Italy?​

Spread to outside Italy (Docs)

Effects of Renaissance (Slides)

Lesson #14: Review

How do ideas and beliefs shape our lives and the world around us?

Enduring Issues & Questions (Docs)

Lesson #9: Scientific Revolution

What was the Scientific Revolution? How did people in Medieval Europe and scholars in the Scientific Revolution view the world and truth differently?

Scientific view of the world (Docs)

Scientific Revolution (Slides)

Lesson #10: Discoveries

What discoveries were made during the Scientific Revolution? What effects have they had?

Discoveries and Effects (Docs)

Discoveries of Science (Slides)

Unit 9.7: Transformation of Western Europe and Russia


The language, ideas, inventions, and art of a particular group of people

Lesson #1: Renaissance

What was the Renaissance?

What was the Renaissance (Docs)

Renaissance (Slides)

Machiavelli, The Prince (1513)  

Lesson #7: Martin Luther

What effect did Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Elizabeth I have on political and religious unity in Europe?

Effects of Martin Luther (Docs)

Martin Luther (Slides)


An outstanding thing done successfully typically by effort, courage, or skill

Lesson #3: Characteristics  

What were the characteristics of the Renaissance in Italy?

Characteristics Sources (Docs)

Characteristics of Renaissance (Slides)​​

Lesson #6: Protestant Reformation

What was the Protestant Reformation? What were the causes?

What were the causes (Docs)

Protestant Reformation (Slides)

Timeline (Docs)

Upon this a question arises: whether it is better to be loved than feared or feared than loved? It may be answered that one should wish to be both, but [...] it is much safer to be feared than loved [...]

Lesson #12: Louis XIV

How did Louis XIV use absolutism to gain, consolidate, and maintain power in France?

Gain, Consolidate, & Maintain (Docs)

Louis XIV of France (Slides)

Lesson #8: Counter-Reformation

What was the Counter-Reformation? How did the Counter-Reformation affect Europe?

What was Counter-Reformation (Docs)

Counter-Reformation (Slides)

Counter Graphic Organizer (Docs)