Lesson #9: Mayan Innovations

What led to the Maya Golden Age? How did the Maya Golden Age impact Central America other regions, and later periods in history?

Golden Age Museum Walk (Docs)

Mayan Golden Age (Slides)

Graphic Organizer (Docs)

Lesson #3: East Africa 

How did African city-states and kingdoms interact with neighboring people? ​

Interaction with Neighbors (Docs)

Interaction with Neighbors (Slides)

Lesson #7: Aztec Innovations

How did the Aztecs innovate to meet their needs?​

Aztec Innovate for Needs (Docs)

Innovation of Aztec (Slides)

Lesson #4: Inca Empire 

What were the historical circumstances that led to the rise of the Inca Empire?​

Historical Circumstances Inca (Docs)

Rise of Inca Empire (Slides) 

Lesson #8: Mayan Empire

What was the geographic and historical context for the rise of the Mayan Civilization?

​​Geographic & Historical Rise (Docs)

Rise of Mayan Civilization (Slides)

Terrace Farming

A type of farming that consists of different "steps" or terraces that were developed in various places around the world. 

Lesson #5: Inca Innovations

How did the Inca innovate to meet their needs?

Inca Innovate for Needs (Docs)

Innovation of Inca (Slides)


 A knot-record that was a method used by the Incas and other ancient Andean cultures to keep records and communicate information.

Piedra del Sol, Aztec Calendar

Lessons & Resources

Lesson #10: Review

How does our environment affect us? How do we affect it?

Enduring Question(s): Text Graffiti (Docs)  

Lesson #1: Geography of Africa

Did geography help or hinder the development of early civilizations in Africa?​

African Geography (Slides)

Climate of Africa (Docs)

explore Geography

Unit 9.8: Africa and the Americas Pre-1600

Lesson #6: Aztec Empire

Where was the Aztec Empire? What were the historical circumstances that led to the rise of the Aztec Empire?​

Rise of the Aztec Empire (Docs)

Aztec Empire (Slides)


A type of Mesoamerican agriculture which used small, rectangular areas of fertile arable land to grow crops on the shallow lake beds in the Valley of Mexico.

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