Current Events Assignments


Awareness of current events in the world and in the United States is essential to the Participation in Government course.  Many of the topics we cover will incorporate events that are presently occurring domestically and internationally.  Therefore, you are expected to read a reputable newspaper and/or watch the national news every day.  In addition to being aware of current events on a daily basis, you will be expected to complete the assignments listed to the right. 

Every two weeks you will be assigned a current events article that relates to this class.  Articles will be related to issues facing our local, state, or national government. 

In your own words  (do NOT copy from the article), you must write a minimum
1 page typed summary that summarize the major points of the story and a reflection that discuss why, in your opinion, the story is an important one. Include your thoughts about the topic discussed and whether you agree or disagree with it. 

Assignments must be turned in on time.
There are no make up assignments for current events

Your assignment should be at least one page double spaced. It should include your name at the top of the page, teacher’s name, article title and date. You should use Times New Roman font and it should be 12 point. 

Current Event Assignment Guidelines Handout

Each Current Event assignment is worth 100 points. CURRENT EVENTS ASSIGNMENTS CANNOT BE MADE UP. If you fail to turn an assignment in, it will result in a zero that cannot be made up. 

Due Dates:

Article #1 - Due Friday February 8th

Article #2 - Due Friday March 8th

Article #3 - Due Friday March 29th