Mr. Christopher Patten

Lessons & Resources

Lesson #1: India 

How did imperialism affect former colonies like India as they prepared for independence?

Effects of Imperialism (Slides)

The Gift of the British (Docs)

The Effect of British Rule (Docs)

The Effects of Imperialism (Docs)

Lesson #11: Modern Day

What are the modern problems of African?

Modern Day Problems of Africa (Docs)

Modern Problems (Organizer)

Mahatma Gandhi of India

Lesson #3: Gandhi & Civil Disobedience

Why was Mahatma Gandhi a unique figure in world history?

The Life of Gandhi (Reading)

Gandhi (Docs)

The Words of Gandhi (Video)

Gandhi Talks-Talking Movie (Video)

Lesson #9: Kenyatta

Why did the British consider Jomo Kenyatta a terrorist?

Kenyatta Arrested (Reading)

Kenya (Slides)

Kenya Graphic Organizer (Docs)

Explore Geography

Civil Disobedience

The purposeful breaking of laws to protest actions by the government.


A political policy in South Africa where black South Africans could only live in certain areas, were required to use separate trains, beaches, restaurants, and schools, and could not enter into an interracial marriage.

Lesson #4: Timeline of Independence

How did India gain independence?

Timeline Years (Slides) 

Timeline of India’s Independence Movement (Docs)

Salt March

Passive resistance campaign of Mohandas Gandhi where many Indians protested the British tax on salt by marching to the sea to make their own salt.

Lesson #12: Review

How did the end of World War II cause a trend for decolonization?

India vs. Africa (Slides)

Comparison of India vs. Africa (Docs)

Leaders of Decolonization (Docs)

Patten's My Map 

Lesson #7: Modern Day India

How did the Partition of India affect the people of India and Pakistan?

Modern Day Problems of India (Docs)

Modern Day Problems (Slides)

Lesson #6: Cold War

How did the Cold War escalate the mistrust between India and Pakistan?

Cold War Nations (Readings)

Cold War Comes Calling (Slides)

Lesson #2: Question

Why did England give independence to India?

Decolonization of India (Slides)

Should India Gain Independence?

Lesson #5: The Fight

How did India gain independence from Britain?

Fight for Independence (Slides)

Fight for Independence (Organizer)

When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS.

Unit #11: Decolonization