Mr. Christopher Patten

Lesson #7: Boxer Rebellion

Did the Boxer Rebellion move China closer to or further away from independence?​

Sphere of Influence (Slides)

Case Study: Boxer Rebellion (Docs)

Unit #5: Imperialism

To sum up the whole, the British rule has been – morally, a great blessing; politically, peace and order on one hand … on the other, materially, impoverishment …The natives call the British system … “the knife of sugar.” That is to say there is no oppression, it is all smooth and sweet, but it is a knife, nevertheless.

Dadabhai Naoroji, an Indian, describes the effect of imperialism on India

Lessons & Resources

Lesson #10: Review

How was European imperialism a positive development for the world?

Great Concepts: Imperialism (Notes)

Effects of Imperialism (Slides)

Lesson #2: Primary Sources

What were the positive and negatives of imperialism in India?

Postive vs. Negative (Slides)

Primary Sources (Handout)

Lesson #6: Chinese Opium Wars

Why were imperialist nations interested in China?

Case Study: China (Docs)

Opium War (Slides)

Opium War (Docs)

China Political Cartoon​​

Lesson #1: Imperialism

What were the motivations behind 19th century imperialism?

Causes of Imperialism (Slides)

Cause of Imperialism (Handout)

Forms of Imperialism (Handout)

Lesson #3: Sepoy Mutiny

Did the Sepoy Rebellion move Indians closer to or further away from independence?​

Effects of Imperialism - India (Slides)

Sepoy Mutiny (Slides)

Sepoy Mutiny (Handout)

Explore Geography

Lesson #8: Japan

What was Japan like before the arrival of Commodore Matthew Perry?

Japan Prior to Perry (Slides)

Defense Department (Docs)

Interior Department (Docs)

State Department (Docs)

Lesson #5: Africa Primary Sources

How did imperialism led to the Scramble for Africa?

Scramble for Africa (Slides)

Scramble for Africa (Questions)

Berlin Conference

European leaders met to discuss plans for dividing Africa peacefully. These leaders had little regard for African independence, and had no representation for native Africans. 

Lesson #9: Meiji Restoration

How did industrialization affect Japan during the Meiji Restoration?

Meiji Through Pictures (Slides)

Meiji Effects on Japan (Slides)

Meiji Restoration Effects (Handout)

Great Events: Meiji Restoration (Docs)​

Meiji Restoration

Emperor of Japan from 1867 to 1912. He was responsible for the end of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the rapid modernization and industrialization of Japan.


 The complete control of a weaker nation’s social, economic, and political life by a stronger nation.