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Right of people to choose their own government.

Lessons & Resources

Lesson #5: Italian Unification

Who was responsible for unifying Italy?

Leaders of Unification (Slides)

Leaders of Unification (Docs)

Italian Leaders Readings (Docs)​

Lesson #6: Primary Sources

How did nationalism provide the means for Italian unification?

Italian Primary Sources (Docs)

Primary Sources Handout (Docs)​

Unit #4: Nationalism


The desire for a Jewish Homeland

Explore Geography

Lesson #8: Bismarck

How did Bismarck unite the German states?

Simple History: Bismarck (Video)

Bismarck Instagram (Slides)

Bismarck Resources

Otto Von Bismarck of Germany

Lesson #11: Empires Divide

How did the desires for national independence threatened to break up the Austrian and Ottoman empires?

Nationalism the Divider (Slides)

Nationalism Threatens Empires

Maps of the Austrian Empire

Maps of the Ottoman Empire


 Pride in one’s country or culture, often excessive in nature. Nationalism can Unite or Divide a nation and/or people.

Lesson #9: Ireland

Why did nationalistic feelings develop in Ireland?

The Story of the Claddagh (Docs)

Irish Nationalism (Slides)

Irish Nationalism (Questions)

Lesson #3: Effects of Revolution

What were the major effects of the Latin American Revolutions?

War for Independence (Slides)

Effects of Revolution (Handout)

Great Events: Latin American (Docs)​

Lesson #2: Causes of Independence

What were the major cause of the Latin American Revolutions for Independence?

War for Independence (Slides)

Leaders of Revolution (Handout)

Simon Bolivar Letter

Toussaint L’Ouverture Directory

The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood.

Lesson #1: Social Structure of L.A.

How did the Social Structure of Latin America lead to Revolution?

Cause of the French Revolution

Cause of Latin American (Slides)

Latin American (Handout)

Lesson #7: German Unification

How did nationalism influence the road to German unification?

Germany Maps

German Primary Sources (Docs)

German Handout (Docs)

German Unification (Slides)