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Participation in Government

Welcome to Participation in Government (also known as P.I.G.).  Why do you have to take such a course like this in school?  We refer to our political and governmental system as a democracy.  In such a system it is the responsibility of the people -- citizens like you-- to become informed and participate in decision-making.  In our democratic society every person holds an office, the office of citizen.  It is an office, which, like any vocation, requires careful preparation and the acquisition of certain skills.  A major goal of this course, then, is to expand the skills, which young citizens need to become effective participants in the public life of this country.  This course will help you become an active and involved citizen who will have hands-on experience on all levels of government.  This course will encourage you to make connections between the structure of governmental process and the role of the citizen in influencing this process.  

To successfully complete this course these are the things that students will need to accomplish.  All work and assignments are an important part of learning in our class and are required to be handed in on time.  Late or missing assignments will negatively affect grades.  The following is how STUDENTS will be able to determine their grade:

Community Service20%

Be a respectful member of class.  Cooperation and support are truly important for learning to take and it is expected that you will treat each other with respect. Come ready to work every day.

No hats in class, and the use of cell phones or iPads is REQUIRED in the classroom.  These items enhance our learning.
Every student is expected to have the required tools for class: 

● Google Classroom App 
● Google Docs App 
● Google Slides App

● Google Drive App
● Google Calendar App
● Pens/Pencils/Highlighters for every class.

The absence policy for the Bellmore-Merrick School District is clear.  A student with more than five absences during a semester will have 15 points deducted from his or her quarterly average.  Absences can be made up within 5 days of your return to school.  Unexcused absences may not be made up.  In addition, three unexcused latenesses of 15 minutes or less will be considered a full-period absence.  Each lateness in excess of 15 minutes will count as a full period absence.

If you are absent when an assignment is given, YOU are responsible to find out from a classmate, from your teachers, or from the website/Google Classroom what the assignment was.  If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, it is your responsibility to hand it in the day you return to class. If you are absent on the day an assignment is due, you may also submit it on Google Classroom. Our homework policy is that a student has Monday to Monday to make up a missing assignment. After that week the homework will not be accepted. Students may also make up homework for full credit by correcting those questions that were wrong within that Monday to Monday time period.  If you are late or absence, you will be missing important class time, so please be on time and ready to start work immediately.

        Misbehavior in class and other infractions will result in in-class detention after school at our discretion.  Also, be prepared for phone calls home if you are breaking class rules or not fulfilling assignments and homework.

        Ladies and Gentlemen, as your teachers, we are here to help you through this journey.  That means if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to discuss them with us.  We are available before and after school for individual help in our classrooms # 326 (Mr. Patten) and # 332 (Ms. Dennis) as well as by e-mail, which is…

Mr. Patten:
Ms. Dennis:

        Remember that the journey has already begun, the count down to graduation is on, and that you will only get out of the journey what you put into it!

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Welcome & Good Luck