Lesson #12: Mongols

How did the Mongols gain, consolidate, and maintain power?
Mongols Sources (Docs)

Mongols (Slides)

Lesson #10: Mansa Musa

Why were West African Empires prosperous? What were the effects of Mansa Musa’s rule and hajj?

Effects of Mansa Musa’s rule (Docs)

Mansa Musa's Rule (Slides)

Lesson #8: Founding of Islam

What was the context for the founding of Islam?

The Founding of Islam (Docs)

Founding (Slides)

Lesson #14: Review 

How did post-classical civilizations gain, consolidate, maintain and lose their power?

Review Sheet - Political Powers and Achievements (Docs)

Text Graffiti - Political Powers and Achievements (Docs)

3. The maxims of law are these: to live honestly, to hurt no one, to give everyone his due.

Lesson #11: Innovations

What innovations made trade in the Trans-Saharan trade routes easier, faster, and safer?

Innovations Saharan trade (Docs)

Innovations (Slides)

Lesson #3: Catholic Church

Was the Catholic Church powerful in Medieval Europe?

Catholic Church Sources (Docs)

​Catholic Church (Slides)

​Church Power Organizer (Docs)

Lesson #13: Pax Mongolica 

What was Pax Mongolica? What were the effects of the Pax Mongolica?

Pax Mongolica and the effects (Docs)

Pax Mongolica (Slides)

Unit 9.4: Political Powers and Achievements

Lesson #2:Feudalism in Western Europe

What were feudalism and manorialism? Why did they develop in Western Europe?

Feudalism and Manorialism (Docs)

Feudalism Graphic Organizer (Docs)

Feudalism (Slides)

Lesson #4: Byzantine Empire 

Where was the Byzantine Empire? How did geography and its location affect the development of the Byzantine Empire?

​Benjamin of Tudela’s Description of Constantinople (Docs)

​Byzantine Empire (Slides)

Lesson #1: Post-Classical Civilizations 

Where were post-classical civilizations located? How interconnected were they?

Post-Classical Civilization (Slides)

When & Were Post-Classical (Docs)

Mapping of Civilizations (Docs)

Lessons & Resources

Lesson #6: Tang & Song Golden Age

What led to the Tang and Song Golden Ages?

Golden Age of Tang & Song (Docs)

Golden Age in China (Slides)

Tang & Song Graphic Organizer (Docs) 


Manorialism was an economic system structured around the feudal manor, or the lord’s estate. This estate included the lord’s landholding, farming lands, and peasant villages.

Justinian’s Code: Book I, Of Persons

Lesson #9: Abbasid Golden Age?

What led to the Abbasid Golden Age?

Abbasid Golden Age Sources (Docs)

Golden Age (Slides)

Golden Age Graphic Organizer (Docs)


 When people and regions depend on one another to meet their needs.

Lesson #7: Beliefs of Islam

What are the major beliefs and practices of Islam?

Practices of Islam (Docs)

Major Beliefs of Islam (Slides)


A decentralized, or loosely organized system of rule based on land ownership.

explore Geography

Lesson #5: Justinian's Code

How did Justinian and Theodora gain, consolidate, and maintain power in the Byzantine Empire?

Justinian's Rise to Power (Docs)

Justinian's Code (Slides)