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Manorialism was an economic system structured around the feudal manor, or the lord’s estate. This estate included the lord’s landholding, farming lands, and peasant villages.

Lesson #7: Beliefs of Islam

What are the major beliefs and practices of Islam?

Practices of Islam (Docs)

Major Beliefs of Islam (Slides)


A decentralized, or loosely organized system of rule based on land ownership.

Justinian’s Code: Book I, Of Persons

Lesson #4: Byzantine Empire 

Where was the Byzantine Empire? How did geography and its location affect the development of the Byzantine Empire?

​Benjamin of Tudela’s Description of Constantinople (Docs)

​Byzantine Empire (Slides)

Lesson #1: Post-Classical Civilizations 

Where were post-classical civilizations located? How interconnected were they?

Post-Classical Civilization (Slides)

When & Were Post-Classical (Docs)

Mapping of Civilizations (Docs)

explore Geography

Lesson #12: Mongols

How did the Mongols gain, consolidate, and maintain power?
Mongols Sources (Docs)

Mongols (Slides)

Lesson #10: Mansa Musa

Why were West African Empires prosperous? What were the effects of Mansa Musa’s rule and hajj?

Effects of Mansa Musa’s rule (Docs)

Mansa Musa's Rule (Slides)

Lesson #9: Abbasid Golden Age?

What led to the Abbasid Golden Age?

Abbasid Golden Age Sources (Docs)

Golden Age (Slides)

Golden Age Graphic Organizer (Docs)

Lesson #5: Justinian's Code

How did Justinian and Theodora gain, consolidate, and maintain power in the Byzantine Empire?

Justinian's Rise to Power (Docs)

Justinian's Code (Slides)

Lessons & Resources

Lesson #6: Tang & Song Golden Age

What led to the Tang and Song Golden Ages?

Golden Age of Tang & Song (Docs)

Golden Age in China (Slides)

Tang & Song Graphic Organizer (Docs) 


 When people and regions depend on one another to meet their needs.

Lesson #8: Founding of Islam

What was the context for the founding of Islam?

The Founding of Islam (Docs)

Founding (Slides)

Lesson #14: Review 

How did post-classical civilizations gain, consolidate, maintain and lose their power?

Review Sheet - Political Powers and Achievements (Docs)

Text Graffiti - Political Powers and Achievements (Docs)

3. The maxims of law are these: to live honestly, to hurt no one, to give everyone his due.

Lesson #11: Innovations

What innovations made trade in the Trans-Saharan trade routes easier, faster, and safer?

Innovations Saharan trade (Docs)

Innovations (Slides)

Lesson #3: Catholic Church

Was the Catholic Church powerful in Medieval Europe?

Catholic Church Sources (Docs)

​Catholic Church (Slides)

​Church Power Organizer (Docs)

Lesson #13: Pax Mongolica 

What was Pax Mongolica? What were the effects of the Pax Mongolica?

Pax Mongolica and the effects (Docs)

Pax Mongolica (Slides)

Unit #4: Political Powers and Achievements

Lesson #2:Feudalism in Western Europe

What were feudalism and manorialism? Why did they develop in Western Europe?

Feudalism and Manorialism (Docs)

Feudalism Graphic Organizer (Docs)

Feudalism (Slides)