Lesson #1: The Renaissance

How did the Renaissance impact the rest of Europe?

Renaissance (Reading)

Renaissance in Italy (Handout)

The Renaissance (Slides)

Renaissance Artwork

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 When people and regions depend on one another to meet their needs.

3. The maxims of law are these: to live honestly, to hurt no one, to give everyone his due.

Lesson #3: Scientific Revolution 

How did the Scientific Revolution change the way people viewed the universe?

Scientific Revolution (Reading)

Revolution (Handout)

The Scientific Revolution (Slides)

Unit #4: Political Powers and Achievements

Lesson #2: Protestant Reformation

How did the Protestant Reformation impact the unity of Europe?

Protestant Reformation (Reading)​

Reformation (Handout)

The Protestant Reformation (Slides)

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Lesson #4: Absolute Monarchs 

How did absolute monarchs gain power in their countries and did they strengthen or weaken their nation?

Absolute Monarchs (Stations)

Absolute Monarchs (Handout)

Monarchs (Slides)


Manorialism was an economic system structured around the feudal manor, or the lord’s estate. This estate included the lord’s landholding, farming lands, and peasant villages.


A decentralized, or loosely organized system of rule based on land ownership.

Justinian’s Code: Book I, Of Persons