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Research Paper

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Spring, 2018



Spring 2018

Throughout the semester, you will be working on a research paper. It is important that you adhere to deadlines and due dates. This research paper will count as a final exam grade.

Step #1: For your research paper, select one topic from the list below: 

1.)  Is the opening of charter schools the answer to improve education in low income communities?
2.)  Is the War in Afghanistan a lost war?
3.)  Are terrorist organizations such as ISIS a threat to our national security?
4.)  Is the building of a wall across the U.S./Mexico border the answer to solving illegal immigration in the U.S.?
5.)  Should the federal government pass more legislation regulating gun ownership in America?
6.)  Does the federal government have the right to collect citizen’s phone calls to stop terrorism?
7.)  Should the United States continue to utilize the Electoral College in Presidential elections?

You must notify me of your topic selection by Wednesday February 7th

Step #2: Your thesis argument must be submitted by Wednesday March 7th

Step #3: For your research paper, you must collect a minimum of 5 sources to use. Sources must be gathered and summarized by Wednesday March 28th

Step #4: A rough draft of your research paper is due by Wednesday May 9th

1. Your paper should be a minimum of three full pages and a maximum of four pages, not counting the title page and works cited. The body of the report will include your introduction/thesis, information answering the questions below, and conclusion. 

2. Typed or printed, standard type face such as Times New Roman, double space, 12 point type. Number all pages except the title page. Do not use contractions such as don't or can't; use do not or cannot.

3. Minimum of 5 sources (you may use more). You must use at least 2 journal articles. Be careful with Internet sources; they must be reliable. Citations must be done using the MLA reference style.

4. A works cited is an alphabetical list of sources you used in preparing your paper. This should be attached at the end of your paper.

5. Final Paper due Friday June 1st

The front page of the report is a title page. Place the title information in the center of the page (from both directions) using a format similar to the following: