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Lesson #6: Symbols 

How did symbols and words influence the Russian Revolution?

Symbols (Slides)

Symbols, Songs, & Words (Docs)

Symbols of Revolution (Handout)


An economic policy of Vladimir Lenin’s in the Soviet Union where government controlled most banks and industry, but did allow some private ownership.

Lesson #3: Timeline 

What were the causes of the Russian Revolution?

Causes of Revolution (Slides)

Causes of Revolution (Handout)

Timeline of Revolution (Docs)

Vladimir Lenin of USSR

Explore Geography

Lesson #4: Doctor Zhivago

What plan of action did Russia take in effort to solve its problems?

Lesson #5: Lenin
Why were the ideals of communism and the policies of Lenin appealing to the people Russia?

How Does Communism Work? (Docs)

Lenin (Slides)

Lenin & NEP (Reading)

Great Concepts: Communism (Docs)

Great Leaders: V.I. Lenin (Docs)

Unit #7: Russian Revolution

Under socialism all will govern in turn and will soon become accustomed to no one governing.

Lesson #2: Causes of Revolution

Was the Russian Revolution inevitable?

Russian Revolution (Slides)

Russian Revolution Questions (Docs)


A system of government in which a single, totalitarian, party holds power. It is characterized by state control of the economy, and restriction on personal freedoms.

Rigid Social Structure

A social class system where there is no mobility. A person remains in the same class their entire life.

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