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Lesson #5: Symbols 

How did symbols and words influence the Russian Revolution?

Symbols (Slides)

Symbols, Songs, & Words (Docs)

Symbols of Revolution (Handout)


An economic policy of Vladimir Lenin’s in the Soviet Union where government controlled most banks and industry, but did allow some private ownership.

Vladimir Lenin of USSR

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Lesson #4: Doctor Zhivago

What plan of action did Russia take in effort to solve its problems?

Lesson #6: Lenin
Why were the ideals of communism and the policies of Lenin appealing to the people Russia?

How Does Communism Work? (Docs)

Lenin (Slides)

Lenin & NEP (Reading)

Great Concepts: Communism (Docs)

Great Leaders: V.I. Lenin (Docs)

Unit #7: Russian Revolution

Under socialism all will govern in turn and will soon become accustomed to no one governing.

Lesson #2: Causes of Revolution

Was the Russian Revolution inevitable?

Russian Revolution (Slides)

Russian Revolution Questions (Docs)


A system of government in which a single, totalitarian, party holds power. It is characterized by state control of the economy, and restriction on personal freedoms.

Rigid Social Structure

A social class system where there is no mobility. A person remains in the same class their entire life.

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